The Linux FreeS/WAN Project

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Current Project Team Members

John Gilmore, Founder and Exective

Hugh Daniel, Systems Testing & Project mis-Management

Michael Richardson, Project Technical Lead

Richard Guy Briggs, Kernel Systems Programmer

Hugh Redelmeier, Daemon Systems Programmer

Claudia Schmeing, Technical Documentation Author

Sam Sgro, User Support and Build Manager

Past Project Team Members

John Ioannidis, Original IPSEC Kernel Programmer

Angelos D. Keromytis, Original ISAKMP/Oakley (IKE) Programmer

Henry Spencer, Project Technical Lead

Sandy Harris, Technical Documentation Author

Major Contributors

Eric Young, wrote SSLeay where we get our 3DES etc. from

Steve Reid, wrote the SHA-1 we use

The Regents of UCB, who must have written the radix-tree code we use...

Peter Onion, Fixed many portability bugs

John S. Denker, Used and broke LFS when it really needed it!

Rob Hatfield, Netwinder Portability fixes

Marc Boucher, 2.2.xx and 2.3.xx porting


Randy Asplund, Swan and StarSword logo artist
   Randy created our logo in its original, full-color version. Check out his web page over there.

Xtended Internet, for WWW hosting
    They can be found over at their web site.

Xs4all, FTP and WWW hosting
    Their web site is over here.

Spider Silk Design, graphic design and HTML
    If you like's updated look, check out their site.

Legal odds and ends...

FreeS/WAN derives its name from S/WAN, which is a trademark in the USA of RSA Data Security, Inc; used by permission.