The Linux FreeS/WAN Project

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Helping Out

  There are many ways to help out. We cannot guarantee that it's legal for you to do any of them, so check your local rules first.

  The project can sometimes use help with:
     user support


  • Test Linux FreeS/WAN on an unusual (say, 64-bit) *nix variant. Report your findings to the design list.
  • Test our latest snapshot or pre-release in a non-critical environment. Submit bug reports as detailed here.
  • Try Opportunistic Encryption. Help us to debug the tech and the documentation on our mailing lists.


  • Mirror FreeS/WAN docs, downloads and/or mailing list archives, outside the United States. Mail the design list if you'd like to do this.
  • Help us maintain our interop document, by posting working configs or HOWTOs to the users list.
  • Think our docs could use improvement? Tell us how, in detail.


  • If you are neither American nor living in the United States, (or its territories, protectorates or embassies) you may wish to submit code snippets, patches, etc., for inclusion in Linux FreeS/WAN. We don't guarantee we will accept them; we tend to be extremely conservative in what we accept. And, due to project policy, we cannot accept any contributions (not even one-line patches) from Americans or folks living in the US.
    Best to inquire on the design list before doing your work.
  • Some users choose to create patches for additional functionality, and distribute them separately from our codebase. The user community appreciates this.

User Support

  • Help newbies on the users list.
  • Help folks on irc ( Bonus points: post working configs, tips & tricks to the users list where they will be archived for future reference.