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Documents from outside the FreeS/WAN team

Our documents are intended to provide everything you will require, but you may find the others helpful as well. Check what version of FreeS/WAN they cover, though. The software is under active development and the current version may be significantly different from what an older document describes.

Distribution text files

Text files in the main distribution directory are

License and copyright information

All code and documentation written for this project is distributed under either the GNU General Public License (
GPL) or the GNU Library General Public License. For details see COPYING.

Not all code in the distribution is ours, however. See CREDITS for details. In particular, note that the Libdes library has its own license

Printed documentation

Those who prefer documentation in printed form can, of course, print any of the HTML documents or man pages in the usual way, and are free to write whatever scripts they like to reformat them in the process. (We would like to see any interesting scripts you come up with. Please post them, or a suitable pointer, to the mailing list. Of course, if they have any code specifically related to cryptography, you must consult your local export laws first.)

We also provide three files designing for use with the "make book" command in the Amaya web browser/editor from the World Wide Web Consortium.

Going to any of these files with Amaya and clicking on the "make book" command will give you one large file, with an automatically generated table of contents, for browsing or printing:

These files are also usable without Amaya. Without Amaya, you cannot build the single large "book" file, but you can follow the links to its components.