Mailing lists related to FreeS/WAN

The FreeS/WAN mailing list

The Linux FreeS/WAN project has an open public email list for bug reports and software development discussions. The list address is

To subscribe, send mail to with a one-line message body "subscribe linux-ipsec". For more information, send majordomo the one-line message "help".

NOTE: US citizens or residents are asked not to post code to the list, not even one-line bug fixes. The project cannot accept code which might entangle it in US export restrictions.

Archives of the project mailing list

Searchable archives of the list: Note that these use different search engines. Try both.

Lists for related software and topics

Links in this section point to subscription addresses for the various lists. Send the one-line message "subscribe list_name" to subscribe to any of them.

Linux mailing lists

Lists for IETF working groups

Each IETF working group has an associated mailing list where much of the work takes place.

Other mailing lists

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