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The IPSEC Protocols

General IPSEC or VPN information

IPSEC overview documents or slide sets

IPSEC information in languages other than English

RFCs and other reference documents

Analysis and critiques of IPSEC protocols

Background information on IP

IPSEC Implementations

Vendors with Linux products

IPSEC in router products

Operating systems with IPSEC support

All the major open source operating systems support IPSEC. See below for details on
BSD-derived Unix variants. Among commercial OS vendors, IPSEC players include:

Open source IPSEC implementations

Other Linux IPSEC implementations

IPSEC for BSD Unix

IPSEC for other systems


Interoperability test sites

Interoperability results

Linux FreeS/WAN has undergone initial testing for interoperability with various other IPSEC implementations. Results to date are in our
compatibility document.

ICSA offer certification programs for various security-related products. See their list of certified IPSEC products. Linux FreeS/WAN is not currently on that list, but several products with which we interoperate are.

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